Many people inquire whether the Sudan Relief Fund is a Catholic Charity. The Sudan Relief Fund was founded in 1998 as a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing food, safe drinking water, clothing, shelter, medical attention, education, and hope to the people struggling in the desperate conditions in South Sudan. While we do partner with many Catholic organizations, the Sudan Relief Fund is a Christian organization that works with many partners, NGOs, and other Christian and non-Christian groups around the world to maximize our relief efforts. 



Sudan Relief Fund continually seeks out the most cost effective and dependable ways to bring aid to South Sudan. Because of the unreliability and instability of the nation’s government, combined with sorely lacking infrastructure routes, often the best method is through the established and organized channels of the Catholic Church already operating in these regions. The Sudan Relief Fund remains dedicated to bringing help and hope to all people made in the image of God, regardless of their background or religious affiliation, in cooperation with other individuals, groups or organizations united in this humanitarian cause.

CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Mari Aftret Mortvedt