Peace and Stability through Education

The devastating effects of war in South Sudan have displaced millions of children and prevented them from obtaining a proper education. Due to escalating violence, thousands have died, 4.5 million people fled their homes, and more than 2.2 million children suffered a disruption in their education – the highest rate globally. Without proper education, these children risk falling into the same cycle as their elders: continuing the ongoing conflict. Education can help to break the cycle of violence.

Current school grounds of Bishop Abangite High School in South Sudan.

A huge influx of children has escaped to the city of Yambio, where we are experiencing an increasing number of students seeking admission to our school, Bishop Abangite High School. It is one of the rare environments in South Sudan where the values of unity and respecting differences are taught by qualified teachers – including Brother Denis Reardon, who after leaving his home in Ireland has served the school children of Yambio for more than 20 years and is now the Acting Director for The Congregation of Christian Brothers’ Star Support Group.

“I have mixed feelings of fear, insecurity, and worry,” says Brother Reardon. “The biggest challenges we face to carrying out our work are insecurity and inflation, poverty, poor infrastructure and medical facilities, and lack of education.”

Brother Reardon teaching a class of kids at Bishop Abangite High School in South Sudan.

Our school brings students together from different clans and tribes within the region and provides an environment where the students learn to live and study together. Due to violent conflict and currency inflation, we are unable to afford the cost of classroom renovations and expansions to support our growing needs. That is why I partnered with the Sudan Relief Fund to reach generous donors like you. By donating to the Sudan Relief Fund, you can help Bishop Abangite High School fund the construction of safe classrooms that can accommodate the rising number of children who need an education. Your donation will also enable teachers like Brother Reardon to provide education to hundreds of children.

“I believe that I am making a difference in the lives of the people,” says Brother Reardon.

Students from different clans and tribes learning together during biology class.

Through dedicated teachers like Brother Reardon, Bishop Abangite High School creates opportunities for students to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, and other professions that help not only our community but also the entire region. Unfortunately, because the violence caused teachers to flee Yambio in search of safer jobs, half of the diocesan schools are no longer able to provide the education sought by children. As a result, the illiteracy rate among the people is lamentably 93%; in comparison, the illiteracy rate in the United States is less than 1%.

A lack of teachers also leaves our children vulnerable. Tragically, a girl growing up in South Sudan is more likely to die from pregnancy or in childbirth than to complete her primary education. Without proper education and guidance, our children risk falling into this cycle. While conflict continues, uneducated girls are vulnerable to being forced into marriages.

Sudan Relief Fund’s President Neil Corkery visiting a proposed site of a new classroom.

With your support, we can raise the $100,000 needed to finance our school expansion and accommodate the increasing number of students. With every donation of $100, you support the salary of a teacher for one month so that the children can continue their education.

Please consider donating to the Sudan Relief Fund today to enable Abangite High School to build new classrooms and to hire more teachers to educate and protect thousands of kids.

Your generosity will empower our children and lay the foundation for a sustainable South Sudan.


Father Williams


Father Williams Principal, Bishop Abangite Science and Technology High School

P.S. Your generous gift of $25, $50, or even $100 will provide stability through education for the students seeking admission to Bishop Abangite High School. Please give today so we can expand the school and accommodate the increasing number of students.