Sudan Relief Fund Mercy Society
Giving That Has An Immediate Impact

The Sudan Relief Fund Mercy Society consists of a core group of supporters deeply committed to bringing immediate necessities and long-term hope to the people of South Sudan through a special partnership with Sudan Relief Fund.

Membership in the Sudan Relief Fund Mercy Society is extended to all those who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more in a given calendar year, as well as to those who make automated monthly gifts of $84 or more. If your giving meets or exceeds these levels, you will be automatically enrolled in the Society. Your giving has an immediate impact in helping meet the needs of those suffering in South Sudan.

In recognition of the key role they play in helping Sudan Relief Fund fulfill its mission, Mercy Society members receive exclusive benefits.

To join the Mercy Society, or to make a one-time contribution to Sudan Relief Fund, please click here.

You can also join the Mercy Society through a number of different giving options including:

  • Giving through your donor advised fund
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Real Estate and other assets
  • Giving from your IRA
  • Matching gift

Contact our Stewardship Director,  Brendan Gotta, for more information about how to partner with Sudan Relief Fund to make a lasting impact in
South Sudan.

Membership Levels

Mercy Society

Annual Giving: $1,000-$9,999


  • Sudan Relief Fund Mercy Society membership certificate
  • Official Sudan Relief Fund coffee mug
  • Exclusive annual yearbook
  • Invitation to special regional events

Grace Partners

Annual Giving: $10,000+


Grace Partners receive all the benefits from the Mercy Society, plus

  • Acknowledgement in Annual Report (Anonymity honored upon request)
  • Direct updates from Sudan Relief Partners working in the field

Save Children from Dying
on the Streets of Rumbek

Tragically, if left alone on the streets, these children will not survive for long. They will die from disease, dehydration, or starvation. They are further at risk of being kidnapped into slavery or human trafficking, and face danger from wild animals at night.