Loreto Rumbek School Grows

Amid the long-running conflict, the Loreto Secondary School is thriving in Rumbek, South Sudan, thanks to the generous support of Sudan Relief Fund donors.

The boarding school educates girls aged 5-20. During 2019’s intake, more than 420 applicants arrived to complete the first stage of the school’s intake process– a 22% increase from last year. This is the largest group since the school opened in 2008 and is a great milestone for the Loreto Rumbek mission.

Successful students from the first stage of the interview process are then invited for an oral interview in stage two to assess their motivation and suitability. Loreto only accepts students who are committed to studying diligently and who show a positive attitude towards boarding life. Applicants are very aware of the high academic standards and aspirations of Loreto girls.

One of the incoming students, Josephine Nyanapath says, “I am glad I made it to join Loreto. I will encourage my classmates to study hard as we start and live happily in school.”

Those successful in stage two must have a male guardian sign a commitment form, promising not to remove the child from school until graduation. Without the Loreto Secondary School, many of the students would have already been forced into marriage and denied the right to an education.

Surrounded by chaos and death, the school is also a ray of hope and provides comprehensive support— a refuge offering protection, food, education, clothing, health care, and social and spiritual formation for hundreds of young girls. With the support of Sudan Relief Fund donors, our organization has funded the school’s food program for 4 years, helping to keep these vulnerable girls fed and safe.

“Donors heavily invest in these students and parents’ contribution to keep the girls in school is vital,” says Mr. Yuga, head teacher of Loreto Secondary School. “We are very proud of our new students and we wish them every success in their studies and development.”