My Visit to South Sudan – 2019 – Part 1

This May, a small team, including our Director of Operations, David Dettoni, and me, visited South Sudan on a customary visit to check on the programs your donations support. Over the next few months, I will be sharing details of my latest visit to show you the impact of your generous support and how it is making a true difference in the region. While it is apparent that much work is still left to be done, the progress you fund is a major source of hope for this young and turbulent country.

The first story that I would like to share took place in Yambio (View on map), where we visited with Bishop Eduardo Kussala. Sudan Relief Fund supports many projects in the area, including education, humanitarian aid, and agricultural programs aimed at bringing a prosperous and sustainable way of life back to the people of Yambio.

The reception we received from the town was such a pleasant surprise. It was David’s birthday, and to our surprise, the local community threw a delightful celebration which including a cake and lots of dancing. In large part, it was a way for the people to show how thankful they are for the Sudan Relief Fund and its generous donors. You can watch the celebration and David’s speech below.

YouTube video

The dances you see in the video are performed by boys and girls from the Queens of Purity and Noble Boys groups. Bishop Kussala leads both of these programs with a focus on the protection and spiritual prosperity of the area’s youth. While it was a celebration, David brought attention to the reality and struggles the region still faces. He went on to recognize the Bishop’s leadership as a beacon of hope and made clear our intentions to continue our support of the diocese. The celebration was truly a joy to witness and a sign of hope for the future.