Please Pray for Sr. Laura In Hospital with Covid

We ask that you pray for one of our partners with Sudan Relief Fund, Sr. Laura Gemignani, who is currently in the hospital suffering from COVID. You can read about her here:

and her work at Nzara hospital:

Reporter Melinda Hennenberger mentioned Sr. Laura in a recent opinion piece:

“One of the surest living saints I’ve ever had the privilege to interview, Sister Laura Gemignani, who was working 13-hour days in the hospital she was running in Nzara, South Sudan, when I met her there in 2018, wouldn’t be in critical condition on a ventilator back in her native Italy right now if she’d had even a shot at that shot.”

You can read her full article here:

Trying to Rise Up from the Ashes

Sister Anne Wandia wakes up every morning with a single purpose and mission – to give displaced families of the Wau refugee camps a chance to start again.

Torn from homes, villages, and peaceful agrarian lives, thousands have fled to the Wau refugee camps through the years, when violence or disaster swept through their communities without warning.