The challenge to get clean water is a daily struggle for most of the people of South Sudan. SRF helps by funding drilling of bore wells as well as other water relief projects.

In the below image, people pump water from a well constructed by Caritas in a displaced persons camp in Agok, South Sudan. Tens of thousands of residents of Abyei, a contested region along the border between Sudan and South Sudan, remain displaced in Agok. Under a 2005 peace agreement, Abyei was supposed to have a referendum to decide which country it would join, but the two countries have yet to agree on who can vote. In 2011, militias aligned with Khartoum drove out most of Abyei’s Dinka Ngok residents, pushing them across a river into the town of Agok. More than 40,000 Dinka Ngok have since returned to Abyei with support from Caritas South Sudan, which has drilled wells, built houses, opened clinics and provided seeds and tools for the returnees. Yet continuing insecurity means a greater number remain in Agok, where they remain dependant on Caritas and other organizations for food and other support.

Water is life. But for too many the struggle to obtain water risks violence, death, and disease. Without a source of safe water communities die too. All it takes . . .

. . . to provide this vital source of life: a well. We have drilled more than 300 wells across the El Obeid Diocese to save lives, alleviate suffering, and preserve entire communities.

Before the Relief Fund began digging these wells, a common method to obtain water was to dig shallow holes in the earth by hand just to get a small amount of muddy water to drink. Disease and contamination was rampant.


These wells aren’t fancy. They don’t cost much by U.S. standards (about $14,000)—but they are priceless.


Lives Saved Through Your Donations

Helped By SRF
We are so grateful for your support and for helping us reach out to so many in our community here in Rumbek.
Grace Umeraniorphan from St. Bakhita’s, now in college in New York state
Because of your generous donations, other orphans like me will have the same opportunities I had growing up. It will help them for a lifetime.
Helped By SRF
Dr. Tom, plus his team and the generous donors who are behind the scenes, are our heroes.
Helped By SRF
Without the orphanage, I could not be sitting here where I am today. It’s so important, especially for someone like me who has no family.
Helped By SRF
Without this hospital and their donors, my twins would have perished at birth.
Helped By SRF
I want to thank all those who keep the doors of this hospital open.

Refugee Kits Save the Lives
of Vulnerable Families and Children

Sometimes these refugees haven’t eaten for days. The refugee kit provides emergency food staples such as sorghum, maize, beans, cooking oil, and salt. Only $66 today covers the cost of refugee kits for three families