Clean Water

Means the Difference Between Life and Death in South Sudan

Such a simple element – water – is the lifeline for all humans, plants, and animals. None of us can survive without it. We’re all united in our dependence on water.

In developed parts of the world, people turn on a faucet to wash their hands or dishes; fill a cup of ice water from the refrigerator, step into the shower without a thought – luxuries that are only a dream for most people in South Sudan.

In this nation, more than half the population has no access to clean water. Often families are forced to drink from contaminated sources – filthy water that may be teeming with bacteria.

Polluted water sources are the terrible culprit for waterborne diseases that plague many here with malaria, typhoid, and dysentery. Malaria, carried by mosquitoes that breed in stagnant water, remains the leading cause of death for children in South Sudan.

Lack of access to clean water is only part of the challenge. In South Sudan’s dry season, the land can see zero rainfall for months at a time. Drought ensues. Women and girls are forced to trek long distances to search for any water source available. Not only are the water sources generally unclean, but girls are frequently attacked on these perilous journeys.

No girl should risk assault to find a drink of water.

But this doesn’t have to happen. A clean, accessible water source can dramatically change an entire community, reaping multiple lasting benefits.

A local clean water source protects women and girls from roaming into dangerous areas in search of it. Clean water eliminates many preventable diseases that plague families and cause so many young children to die before their fifth birthday.

A healthy community can work, grow food, raise livestock. Healthy children can go to school. All these things lead to vitality and prosperous communities. The simple gift of clean water changes everything.

Sudan Relief Fund is joining forces with donors and partner organizations to bring clean water to communities across South Sudan. Together we’ve helped transform many communities. With your help, we can continue to help many more in need.

Please go to our Gift Catalog to see how easy it is to help a community dying for water be transformed with new life. From gifts as low as $25 to the thousands, you can literally save lives for generations to come. Please remember those who are struggling to survive right now without any clean water. Your help makes a lifesaving difference.

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