New Center Extends Education to Young Adults and Community

Loreto Rumbek Schools, a Sudan Relief Fund partner, is a leading force in educating South Sudan’s future adults, and a pioneer in achieving equal educational rights for girls. Now the campus is bringing the opportunity to learn professional development skills to adults as well.

The Loreto Rumbek campus celebrated the grand opening of their new Loreto Education Center this month. The facility will accommodate classes for instruction in English, teacher training, tailoring, and computer skills for young adult men and women in the local community. 

In a country where school attendance and literacy rates are some of the lowest in the world, education makes a life changing difference for individuals and families. Directed by Sister Orla Treacy, Loreto Schools consistently turns out students with top scores in the nation and launches many graduates on to higher education.

A skilled community is a more prosperous, self sustaining community, strengthening families and the local infrastructure. Over 100 people have already applied to attend classes at the new Education Center, and 60 are currently registered for the first session.

Sudan Relief Fund is proud to partner with Loreto schools, and thankful to donors who are helping transform lives in Rumbek every day through the gift of education.

Record Temps Cause Temporary Shutdown

During March, the Ministry of Education ordered all primary and secondary schools in the country to close for two weeks, during a period of record high temperatures hitting the nation. 

The closures occurred as parts of the country reported temperatures of 106 degrees, with children ordered to stay home because of the potential health hazard posed. The high temps occurred earlier than normal in the season, sparking concerns of heat stroke for people in areas primarily without air conditioning or circulating fans. Schools reopened April 3rd.

The Trucks Have Arrived

A long awaited convoy of trucks recently arrived to the delight of the Loreto Rumbek campus, bringing much anticipated supplies and equipment for staff and students.

Roads in the nation are notoriously difficult to navigate, and during rainy season can become impossible to traverse for months at a time. The rainy season typically stretches from April to November, so the receipt of supplies at this timely juncture was cause for joy among the staff.

Some of the vital resources included in the shipment were furnishings for the new Loreto Education Center, workbooks for the primary school, and medicines for the health clinic.

Many of these achievements, from acquiring necessary school items, to opening centers for education to the public, to transforming the future for children through the gift of education, are only possible because of support from our donors. Thank you for partnering with Loreto Schools to accomplish this life changing work. You are impacting lives in lasting ways for people who would not have these opportunities without your generosity and compassion.