Sudan Relief Fund is providing funding for classes to train qualified nurses to be deployed through South Sudan. Nurses typically come from outside of the country and this effort has already sent 160 qualified nurses to work. Above Sister Nora works with student nurses.

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Lives Saved Through Your Donations

Helped By SRF
We are so grateful for your support and for helping us reach out to so many in our community here in Rumbek.
Grace Umeraniorphan from St. Bakhita’s, now in college in New York state
Because of your generous donations, other orphans like me will have the same opportunities I had growing up. It will help them for a lifetime.
Helped By SRF
Dr. Tom, plus his team and the generous donors who are behind the scenes, are our heroes.
Helped By SRF
Without the orphanage, I could not be sitting here where I am today. It’s so important, especially for someone like me who has no family.
Helped By SRF
Without this hospital and their donors, my twins would have perished at birth.
Helped By SRF
I want to thank all those who keep the doors of this hospital open.

Worst Food Insecurity Year Ever?

"There are no resources, no harvest, and no cows. There’s no place to look for food." Time is critical to prevent this country’s food crisis from burgeoning into a full-scale humanitarian catastrophe. Because they have fewer options, women and children are the quickest to suffer in times of food shortage. "We’re eating leaves and look like skeletons."