Mother Saved From Near Fatal Tragedy

Shadia leads a busy life as a mother taking care of a large family. In June of 2022, she was 36 years old and looking forward to welcoming another child. As a veteran mom, Shadia knew the pains she began experiencing when only six months’ pregnant were not a good sign.

Pregnancy and childbirth is still very risky for women in South Sudan, and where Shadia resides in the town of Siref is no exception. Very few mothers have access to prenatal care here, and many women still give birth in villages with no medical presence available.

After returning from the farm one day, Shadia felt such sharp abdominal pains in her sides that she went immediately to the nearest dispensary. She was given some pills to take, but they didn’t help and the pains persisted.

Shadia went to a private clinic in Heiban seeking help, where she was also given some medications. She took them for a week, but the pains still didn’t stop. Instead they were growing increasingly worse and becoming debilitating.

“I thought I would die and not see my kids again. But being here now and healthy, I can only praise God.”

At last, Shadia was taken to Mother of Mercy Hospital – a medical facility in the remote Nuba Mountains supported by Sudan Relief Fund. The hospital is an outpost of hope serving thousands in the region in need of medical help.

Missionary doctor and Sudan Relief Fund partner, Dr. Tom Catena, directs the hospital and has served as its only onsite surgeon for many years, both in peace time and war time. He is known locally as a legend among the people for saving so many lives.

By the time Shadia made it to Mother of Mercy Hospital, she was in very poor condition. She was in tremendous pain and struggling to breathe. An ultrasound revealed the baby in her womb was no longer viable, and the infant’s death was causing Shadia life threatening complications.

But Shadia was fortunate to have access to critical medical intervention that saved her life. Today she is alive and well, feeling grateful to have been treated in time at Mother of Mercy Hospital. “I don’t even know what to say or where to start. Seeing myself walk again when I, and the entire family – even the whole of my village – thought I would not survive, is a miracle in itself,” she praised. “I personally thought I would die and not see my kids again. But being here now and healthy, I can only praise God.”

Shadia continued, “I am grateful to Dr. Tom and the nurses for their care, and the donors who are supporting us here in Nuba. I am so happy I am alive and healthy. I pray God may give you all long life!”

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