Sudan Relief Fund was founded for one reason: to help the people of South Sudan. Since our founding in 1998, we’ve made great strides in our efforts to provide food, shelter, medicine, water, and hope to the people of this war-torn region. We have been able to accomplish so much thanks to the partnership of our generous donors.

While we have assisted hundreds of thousands of people over the years with your help, we want to highlight some of the personal stories of the lives that have been saved because of your prayers and financial support. Our hope is that you are inspired by these stories of perseverance. And if you are not a donor yet, we hope that you’ll consider partnering with Sudan Relief Fund. You too can save a life!

Lives Saved Through Your Donations

How You've Helped

Catholic University of South Sudan

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Holy Cross Catholic School

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25 Years of Bringing Hope and Healing to South Sudan

While this nation’s history is filled with struggle, the light of compassion has shined for 25 years in lifesaving programs that bring help and hope. With your support, the people served and progress made is immense, despite incredible obstacles.