The Sudan Relief Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing food, safe drinking water, clothing, shelter, medical attention, education, and hope to the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

2.2 million people have perished as the direct result of a campaign of genocide against South Sudan’s Christian and non -Muslim population- a death toll greater than all the victims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Rwanda combined. Without hesitation President Bashir’s government has bombed churches, schools, hospitals and refugee centers. The regime has tortured and killed its own citizens including catechists, teachers and priests. President Bashir’s government supports the selling of Christians and non-Muslims as slaves.

What’s more, millions of our brothers and sister in South Sudan have no homes, and so must find shelter wherever possible under extremely unhealthy conditions. They are in need of clean water, food and basic sanitation.

With you, we are the Sudan Relief Fund.

That is why in 1998 we established the Sudan Relief Fund for the purpose of bringing food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention to the people of South Sudan.

Since then, with the prayers and financial support of faithful people like you, we have made very real progress under the most difficult circumstances imaginable:

  • At the height of the war we dug bore wells wherever and whenever we were able. Today, we’re digging more wells and creating healthful, more permanent sources of life-giving water for the people.
  • We’re bringing much-needed health care to a region that until a few years ago had not known medical care of any kind. We have built a full-scale, 80-bed hospital, “Mother of Mercy,” the first of its kind, and continues to grow.
  • We’re moving beyond our first makeshift schools to the development of the first full-fledged educational system ever in the diocese. And we’re building classrooms and purchasing benches, desks, books and school supplies for the growing numbers of secondary school students in the region.
  • Today, we’re building centers of education and religious formation. Additionally, we’re building basic housing for catechists and teachers, so that they will have clean and safe places to live while doing God’s work in the diocese.

All of our accomplishments are possible only through the prayers and generosity of donors like you. Thank you.

Save Children from Dying
on the Streets of Rumbek

Tragically, if left alone on the streets, these children will not survive for long. They will die from disease, dehydration, or starvation. They are further at risk of being kidnapped into slavery or human trafficking, and face danger from wild animals at night.