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UN Security Council Backs More Troops to Halt War in South Sudan

The United Nations Security Council approved an expanded mandate for its peacekeepers and added an additional 4,000 troops to its mission in South Sudan, rebuffing government objections, in a bid to halt an all-out civil war in the oil-producing country.
The Security Council on Friday granted additional powers to peacekeepers

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A muddy field in South Sudan is at the center of an intractable war

“The fighting is back, and we are ready to fight,” one young man said.
He pointed beyond the fence ostensibly separating him from armed combatants.
“Our guns are out there,” he said.
The camp’s residents had fled their homes after war broke out in late 2013 between the forces of

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Is There Any Hope for Peace in South Sudan?

JUBA, South Sudan — For nearly two weeks, they have hunkered in a schoolyard with nothing to do and nowhere else to go, dozens of people battling hunger, swarms of mosquitoes — and fear.
 “I just want peace so I can go back to school,” said Betty Christian, a chatty

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Orphan Survives a Rebel Attack

While there, Grace, like hundreds of other children, had very little in the way of food, clean water, and other basic needs. She spent many of her days walking more than 2 hours to get clean water.