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A Hollywood Spotlight on South Sudan’s Horrors

The little-known new nation of South Sudan is attracting the attention of two respected Hollywood actors, which isn’t as incongruous as it might sound to some.

After all, George Clooney and Don Cheadle are known for their social activism, and they are once again spotlighting a

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George Clooney’s Group Tracked South Sudanese Leaders Using Social Media

Hollywood actor and global activist unveils undercover investigation of South Sudan’s Top Leaders
 Investigators at The Sentry, an initiative co-founded by George Clooney, have delivered a damning report exposing the war profiteering carried out by South Sudan’s top government leaders. During a press conference on Monday, Clooney warned international

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South Sudan at a ‘Pivot Point’

“Since the civil war began in South Sudan in December of 2013, the news from one of the world’s newest countries has been consistently gruesome — targeted ethnic killings, rape, kidnappings and disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detentions, recruitment and use of child soldiers, massive social upheaval, millions of hungry people

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The War the World Forgot

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People and Power investigates the forgotten war taking place on the borders between North and South Sudan.

It’s one of Africa’s most bitter, if often forgotten, conflicts.
In 2011, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan following a 2005 peace deal that ended Africa’s longest-running civil

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Former Slave to Run for South Sudan in Olympic Marathon

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – South Sudanese Olympic athlete Guor Marial may not be a hot medal tip for Sunday’s marathon, but the former slave’s road to Rio is one of the most astonishing stories of the games.
As a teenager Marial was forced to run for his life during

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UN: South Sudan Recruits Child Soldiers as Civil War Looms

South Sudan’s government has recruited child soldiers, as young as twelve years old, in the past week to prepare for a renewed conflict, according to an internal United Nations document obtained by The Associated Press.
A whole village of boys was pressed into joining the army by a senior politician

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UN Security Council Backs More Troops to Halt War in South Sudan

The United Nations Security Council approved an expanded mandate for its peacekeepers and added an additional 4,000 troops to its mission in South Sudan, rebuffing government objections, in a bid to halt an all-out civil war in the oil-producing country.
The Security Council on Friday granted additional powers to peacekeepers

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A muddy field in South Sudan is at the center of an intractable war

“The fighting is back, and we are ready to fight,” one young man said.
He pointed beyond the fence ostensibly separating him from armed combatants.
“Our guns are out there,” he said.
The camp’s residents had fled their homes after war broke out in late 2013 between the forces of

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Is There Any Hope for Peace in South Sudan?

JUBA, South Sudan — For nearly two weeks, they have hunkered in a schoolyard with nothing to do and nowhere else to go, dozens of people battling hunger, swarms of mosquitoes — and fear.
 “I just want peace so I can go back to school,” said Betty Christian, a chatty

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Scared for the Future of South Sudan

Various agencies are attempting to portray the situation as hopeful in South Sudan, but having seen the horrors firsthand, I can tell you that it is a grim portrait. These poor refugees are stuck in a lifestyle of hunger, homelessness, and despair.